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Have a passion for fishing? So do we. Primary Tackle Company was built on a love of the sport and art of fishing. We provide Arlington with a range of tackle that fits any need (including niche-style baits you won't find in other stores). We pair our offerings with our unmatched expertise, meaning a visit to Primary Tackle is more than just a shopping trip -- it's a chance to swap stories, get advice, and gain new skills to take with you to the water. Anglers of all experience levels are welcome, whether you're a tournament fisher or just go out on the weekends

Craw-Cane Fish Attractant
With this No More Messy Sprays bottle of fish attractant, the fish can't stay away. Get it in 5oz or 10oz.
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Primary Tackle Proudly supports Jimmy Washam! The new 24 season is coming up we can't wait to see what he does this year. Click the link to follow him.
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2.75" Finesse Stick
4" Finesse Stick
5" Pt Stick W/Craw Cane
3.5" Swim Minnow 12Pk
5" Swim Minnow 8Pk
Pt Swimbaits - ALEWIFE
2.8" Pt Swimbaits
Pt Swimbaits - ALEWIFE
3.8" Pt Swimbaits
4.8 Pt Swimbaits - ALEWIFE
4.8 Pt Swimbaits
3.25" Chunk Trailer W/Craw Can
3" Craw Worm W/Craw Cane
Azuma Popper Z - BLUE VEN
Azuma Popper Z
Azuma Wake Z - BONE WHT
Azuma Wake Z
Azuma Z Boss 20 - PURPLE H
Azuma Z Boss 20
Azuma Z Boss 24 - BLUEMOON
Azuma Z Boss 24
Azuma Z Boss 6 - CASPERSD
Azuma Z Boss 6
from $8.99

Echomap Uhd2 73Sv

Echomap Uhd2 73Sv
Echomap Uhd2 73Sv
Echomap Uhd2 73Sv
Echomap Uhd2 73Sv

Echomap Uhd2 73Sv

Regular price $849.99

When it comes to catching more fish, they say, “Talk to a local.” With the ECHOMAP UHD2 chartplotter, which offers our best-in-class sonar and mapping and premium touchscreen display with keyed-assist, you’ll know the water even better than they do.

The bright 6”, 7” or 9” touchscreen display with keyed-assist is user-friendly and easy to read.

Good things come in threes. Three sonar types, that is: Garmin traditional, ClearVü and SideVü sonars.

Improved detail? Check. Distinguished targets? Yep. That’s the beauty of high-contrast vivid color palettes.

If you’re running another ECHOMAP UHD2 chartplotter, you can wirelessly share sonar, waypoints and routes.

Want our best in mapping? Who doesn’t? Select chartplotters come with Garmin Navionics+ mapping.

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Case Plastics O-Ring 25Pk - BLACK
Case Plastics O-Ring 25Pk
Case Plastics Wacky Tool - BLUE
Case Plastics Wacky Tool
from $5.99
Gama Wicked Wacky - BLACK
Gama Wicked Wacky
Craw-Cane Fish Attractant
Rockfish Fish Wrangler
Owner Jungle Wacky Weedless - GRAY
Owner Jungle Wacky Weedless
Rock Fish Fish Fillet’Er
Utility Tether - BLK/BLUE
Utility Tether
Board Tether - BLK/RED
Board Tether
Craw-Cane Fish Attractant
Creekbed Cargo Short - KHAKI
Creekbed Cargo Short - KHAKI
Creekbed Cargo Short
Creekbed/Back Draft Ss - WHITE
Creekbed/Back Draft Ss
Fresh Bones Pursuit Polo - PEACH NC
Fresh Bones Pursuit Polo
Pursuit Ss - MAROLINA
Pursuit Ss
Latitude Tide Point Ss - ICEWATER
Latitude Tide Point Ss