Azuma Wake Z

Azuma Wake Z
Azuma Wake Z - BONE WHT
Azuma Wake Z - CASPERSD
Azuma Wake Z - GRNDSHAD
Azuma Wake Z - OLIVEOIL

Azuma Wake Z

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Mimicking an injured baitfish struggling on the surface, the Azuma Wake Z Crankbait is perfect for targeting fish that are utilizing the top of the water column to feed. Built with a unique bill design, the Azuma Wake Z Crankbait features two small holes in the bill, which allows it to always track true without rolling over and create a small bubble trail that entices fish to bite. The Azuma Wake Z Crankbait also features a large rounded body shape that is extremely buoyant to keep it close to the surface at high retrieve speeds and allow it to deflect of cover with ease.

Perfect for those situations when the fish are not willing to commit to a traditional topwater bait, the Azuma Wake Z Crankbait excels around any type of shallow water structure, including boat docks, laydown trees, and submerged grass. Finished with a set of razor-sharp treble hooks, the Azuma Wake Z Crankbait is available in a selection of colors that will match the hatch on any body of water.


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Azuma Wake Z
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